Modded Manjaro Easy Setup Commands

Here are a couple of commands to get your modded manjaro set up quick and easy, and a youtube video to see them in action.
Commands in the description.

Link to the written guide:


Thanks for this sweet little tutorial. I really appreciate it. Also I’ve been reworking on Modded Manjaro for a while and its almost in its finishing stage so all the issues will be fixed in the upcoming release

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You know? I’m surprised there aren’t more people using this Manjaro system. I really like the way you’ve set this modded one up. I look forward to your next release.

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Added link to the video commands in MediaFire to the op.

EDIT: Adding here since it won’t let me edit the op anymore.

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THANKS for your post and helpful video!!!

Fixed the issues I had.

Took a few attempts to get everything to complete in your instructions, but finally did it.

Now, system is working well.

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Now it seems pacman-mirrors not working again. But these Easy Setup Commands ARE working again. Looks like the Tiger VNC downgrade is failing signature verification, but I’m not going to change the script because, apparently the newest Tiger VNC is fixed, so it’s fine failing to downgrade.